He ghosted me and came back

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He said he "regretted not at least trying to stay friends" because I was "one of the best people he'd ever met" blah blah blah. He told about a situation with one of his friends that was upsetting him. I gave him one.

He ghosted me and came back

If I had not been insulted before I certainly was now…and he should have known that…but, I think he was so self centered that he could not see beyond himself. They still deserve the dignity of closure. He tried coming back multiple times after that. If that is the case, then you want to give him his space completely. I just let him ghost. You wisely wrote, I believe: I read your whole post, but before replying further, I wonder about the situation with his friend that he told you about- can you share about it? Then he just stopped talking to me entirely. If someone disappears on you, just let it go, July 27, at 8: I can guarantee you if you handle being ghosted well, they will come back around apologizing. January 20, at 4: Finally yesterday I realized I needed closure so I sent him a message without expecting a response. Towards the end, i started to relaize that whenever we used to get into little disagreements, the next day he wouldnt text me and i would be the one texting him first. That friend that always turned to him finally broke up with her shitty ex. But if it is a pattern, then it is an unhealthy relationship. I would never, ever entertain one because as mentioned before, if they truly cared about, they would never have ghosted in the first place! They never are right off the bat. My question to you is do you really want a guy who demonstrated such behavior back in your life? No contact at all since. Oh and to finish the story.. Read some of the other threads on ghosting on here and you will see. If he has car troubles there is always a bus like a greyhound or something. I learned a lot from the whole experience.. Because of the seriousness of the real life situation of his friend, if your boyfriend is close to his friend, it is way more than an excuse, and more serious than breaking his toe. He had another story but I looked him in the eye and said, is that really what happened?

He ghosted me and came back

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  1. Finally after one particularly bad date in which he was texting me the entire time I was on my date, he decided he had made a huge mistake and wanted me back.

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