Grieving the end of an affair

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Reply Brian February 21, at 9: I carry the burden and I wear the Scarlet Letter and will forever. The unfaithful spouse not only feels guilty about having the affair, but often feels torn and guilty about ending the affair relationship.

Grieving the end of an affair

Grief is a working process. Well I think this is a sign that she may think we could get back to being friends as couples again at some point. What will my kids think if I leave? I left him and never heard from him again but thought of him over the years. Hiring a Private Detective. Reply blueskyabove August 2, at 8: They should accept these feelings, and not fight against them. Love always, Michael Michael fell into all the common traps: For several years I had been reading and immersing myself in books that dealt with growing as an individual, raising my level of awareness, and becoming a better person, not better than anyone else, but better than I was before. He discourages further reconnection, and sets a firm boundary to pave the way for a clearing for him and his wife. The worst has happened. They seem surprised that I know about their grief. So now is your time to really consider your present. This is not the time to rely on good intentions and discipline alone. Visit her website at drlynnmargolies. Only time will tell. He now realizes that was pretty naive on his part. I will say, though, that I am really tired of the so-called experts assuming things about me. He honestly thought he could gradually get rid of her on his own. When someone feels angry they feel they have control. Just let it die. The unfaithful spouse not only feels guilty about having the affair, but often feels torn and guilty about ending the affair relationship. What kind of partner do I want to be? Likewise loosing a relationship is painful. And why was that? A sense of profound grief and longing may linger in the mind long after the affair has run its course.

Grieving the end of an affair

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  1. I appreciate you having this site as it has helped me some already. Two years ago I googled him to see what had become of him.

  2. I realize now that I used poor judgment in getting involved in this in the first place and am sorry for that.

  3. There WAS someone out there that made them happier than their spouse! Trying to rush the grieving brings problems as well.

  4. If you have split yourself off, lied and distorted the truth to cover your tracks, sooner or later you have to look back and learn.

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