Gokaiger 50

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It has been revealed that the Greatest Treasure in the Universe can, and must, be used to wipe out Zangyack's Great Fleet, completely. They fight off several Gormin, Sgormin, and DoGormin. Luka says that she originally wanted to change the past, but she realized that they all lived by accepting what was happening around them. He then appears to the populace of Earth, declaring the defeat of the Gokaigers. In my mind, best Super Sentai.

Gokaiger 50

Hey, maybe you should try looking for anime to watch. Ahim realized that the people of Earth had grown strong due to the bravery of the Super Sentai, and the others say that destroying the Super Sentai would only take away the new-found courage and they aren't willing to wipe out those who have protected the Earth and then trusted the Gokaigers to do the same. Miku defends her mother, but as the Gormin aim at the parent and children, they are gunned down by Luka and Ahim. The next day comes and Dairandou marches forward with an army of Goumin, Sugoumin, and Dogoumin to start his extermination campaign, but is stopped by the Gokaigers who claim that they will face him not only as pirates, but as a Super Sentai protecting the Earth. Gai apologizes to the Super Sentai and declares that he'll grab his dreams by his own hands, and uses the Gokai Spear's Gun Mode to destroy the Greatest Treasure. In another section of town, Ahim and Luka run into the woman and her daughter Miku that they met when they encountered Matsuri Tatsumi , the former GoPink. In the process, the Gokaiger are separated. Contents [ show ] Sypnosis Zangyack is advancing on their final plans, which includes an all out attack on the Gokaigers, and the ultimate destruction of Earth! The two head for an evacuation shelter with the new child, but are stopped by two Gormin. Ackdos then states that the people of Earth have until the next morning to live, when the Zangyack will start exterminating humanity. The boy acknowledges that he's not strong enough, but that he can still fight despite not being a Super Sentai. They go off to see help various civilian Sentai Alumni helping out other civilians. Marvelous picks up the treasure, and Gai says they should use it as that's what the Super Sentai would want. The Gokaigers remember that they still have the Greatest Treasure in the Universe which has the power to completely wipe out the Zangyack, but contemplate whether they should use it since it will cause all the previous Super Sentai to disappear from existence. Marvelous declares that they'll risk their lives to protect the Earth and the team transformed to fight the Zangyack. And the Boy from episode 2 who stole the Shinkenger key. Unfortunately, the numbers are too much. He then asks Marvelous if he found any worth in the Earth , and Marvelous says that he did. He recalls the boy's words about the Earth's value being everywhere, and points to the kid's heart and says that it's within him as well. Joe tells Gai that the painful moments in their lives helped to make them the people they are today, and Marvelous doesn't want to live in a boring future that can't be created by their own hands. Don't remember anyone from previous seasons. Then, as he dropped it, Sharma Tribe Knight Goushi , the former MammothRanger of the Zyurangers , lends Gai assistance, easily grabbing then tossing aside the steel beam, and lifting a piece of rubble. The Gokaigers are hesitant to do so, as the cost of the power would be the existance of the 34 senior Super Sentai The people stand up and declare they won't be defeated easily. The Gokaigers start busting out all of their Grand Powers in order to fight it. Gai himself is assisted by Goushi, MammothRanger of the Zyurangers, who tells him not to worry about the other Sentai Alumni and to use the Treasure to get rid of Zangyack.

Gokaiger 50

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