Getting hiv from recieving oral sex

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Sexual health is often framed in the idea of risk instead of rewards. Today, it is widely known that the HIV-virus, can only be transmitted through five bodily fluids, which possess the quantity and quality to transmit the HIV. I know these questions may sound silly, buit they've been causing me some concern, and I feel that If I know that HIV has not been transmitted this way, it would help alleviate my fears. Apart from being at risk of acquiring HIV through oral sex, there are also other sexually transmitted infections STIs that can be transmitted more easily. The concentrations of the HIV virus in saliva are so low, that the chances of infection are realistically extremely small.

Getting hiv from recieving oral sex

We generally do not recommend HIV testing for persons at low risk of infection, since it would be highly unlikely that a low risk person would be infected in the first place. If you are receiving oral sex from someone else, you are normally only being exposed to saliva. It gives information on window periods and you can see when tests will be most accurate. Has HIV transmission ever been reported through receiving oral sex? But realistically, the chances of infection by receiving oral sex are extremely small. Or from swallowing semen? Doing so is a serious gamble. Are there any reported cases of getting HIV from receiving oral sex? They are general ballpark figures that do not reflect the many factors that can raise and lower risk. It is well known that both anal and vaginal are at high risk of transmission. Of that group, 89 percent did not use a condom and 40 percent swallowed ejaculate. Realistically speaking, your risks of infection are extremely low. People in these communities are more likely to come in contact with the virus even if they have fewer partners and practice safer sex more often. Does this mean that everyone who has received oral sex should now run out and get tested? Theoretically, anything and everything is possible. Research suggests that 80 percent of people carry the herpes virus cold sores , and 50 percent of sexually active people have genital warts cause by the human papilloma virus. We have to take risks every day. Thank you for your question. Unless you see visible blood in a persons mouth when they are giving you oral sex, there is no need to get tested. Numbers seem less abstract, more specific. Twenty percent of the participants reported receptive oral intercourse with an HIV positive partner. What is risk for me now? Because feces is a major carrier, it can also be transferred through contaminated food or water, and is also spread in daycares. According to the CDC , syphilis sores can be in the mouth as well as on the genitals. It is important to keep things in a realistic perspective, not a theoretical one.

Getting hiv from recieving oral sex

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