Gemini men turn ons

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Compliment him and do a lot of dirty and sensual talk with him to turn him on. Gemini males like lots of physical activity that are filled with surprises. Gemini men are sweet talking creatures whose personality can change on a whim.

Gemini men turn ons

For a Gemini man, to stick to one woman can be quite tough and the woman should have a lot of mesmerizing charm in herself to keep her Gemini man stuck to her only. For him, a relationship has to be full of romance. Communication is the key to attract and keep the interest of a Gemini man. One such way is that of sexual role-play. Because of their constantly changing behavior patterns, attracting a Gemini male takes a lot of versatile conversation this is always upbeat. Although he is not a very emotional person, a Gemini man values great thoughts and opinions. Routine sex underneath the sheets bores him and he might lose his sexual appetite completely if sex was on the bed every day. The Gemini man will get involved deeply, but will disappear from your life as soon as the rough spots start to hit your relationship…as happens with all couples at some point. If you want to please your Gemini man in bed, you must read these 10 things a Gemini man secretly wants in bed: A Gemini man can have sex in the wildest of places and will prefer his woman to be a sport about it. Also if you are not spontaneous in the least, he may bore easily from this as well. While in bed, a Gemini man is quite adventurous. Horny talks, dirty talks and erotic imaginations seduce him to the core. Couple swapping also turns him on. He is quite sensitive and will always put his partner's needs before him. It could mean sex outdoors, sex in a freaky place, sex in an unimaginable place or sex whenever and wherever. A Gemini man can have sex anywhere and everywhere. He wants his partner to believe in him and believe in how awesome he is. Predictability If you are an open book or a creature of habit, this man will lose interest. Some Gemini men have multiple jobs for the same purpose. If the female partner gets clingy or too emotional about him, he might just walk away even from a marriage bond. These men can themselves be very cool and aloof. A Gemini man loves adventure. He likes his partner or potential partner to be a bit mysterious. Though this may sound callous, Gemini men really do love their alone time and will do whatever they have to in order to get it. But now there is a way to make him obsessed with you A Gemini man prefers to be quite objective in his arguments.

Gemini men turn ons

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  1. A Gemini man seeks for himself an intelligent woman who can trust him and also give him his space in the relationship.

  2. Trust me when I tell you that if you are drama oriented, he will drop you in 2 seconds flat without a second thought.

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