Free sex education training videos

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Also, please contact us regarding spam, political or any other inappropriate videos, as this helps us remove them more quickly! This includes raw videos of fights and malicious violence. No demanding "Reddit Justice" or even regular justice in any way in post titles or comments. Be kind to users in our community; remember the human.

Free sex education training videos

Training fees are due in full on your first day of class unless a payment plan is arranged in advance. A Slideshow from CNN. If you have questions about your tuition, please talk to our training staff during your orientation. Please see this thread for a more detailed explanation. Titles for posts should not try to influence users to view or upvote them. Fake information false fake. No Porn or Gore There are many other subreddits for such content. Communicate about sex without becoming emotionally overloaded. Failure to do so may result in a ban. Being able to recognize emotional triggers that interfere with their abilities to process information about sexuality. Providing a safe learning climate is especially important when teaching sexual health education. Stolen Youth — information and resources on child sex trafficking. Futures Without Violence — resources to prevent teen dating violence, sex trafficking and sexual assault; includes resources for high school coaches and athletic directors, professional development events, toolkits and more. No demanding "Reddit Justice" or even regular justice in any way in post titles or comments. In English and Spanish. This may also include contact information of public officials, businesses, or groups e. Simply deleting your post may cause the spam filter to catch future ones. Healthy Teen Network — tips for parent-child communication on pornography and other topics. Date Safe Project provides resources for parents, schools and colleges on consent education and sexual violence prevention. Our goal is that students develop increased insight about their own sexual desires, history, and attitudes. See Reddiquette for more details. Examples of this include things like "this person deserves more views," "not enough people have seen this person's videos," or "show this person some love. Do not ask other users to follow your social media profiles in comments or submission titles. Facebook links are not permitted. This includes videos of child and animal abuse.

Free sex education training videos

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