Fred hugi oregon

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I don't know about the vehicle. The story of Diane Downs continues to enfold year by year. The notes taken daily by the nurses became a point of contention at trial. I want my family back together and you have the power to do that. The very suspicious aspect of this ballistic saga is that Hugi said they had the bill of sale and serial number for the first Ruger and it was definitely the murder weapon.

Fred hugi oregon

Judy Patterson was the night receptionist on duty that fateful night. A trial should be based on facts and solid direct or circumstantial evidence. She took every opportunity to be in the spotlight. Both the prosecution and defense agreed that they only way to win over the jury was for them to better know Diane. The powers that be knew they had nothing on Diane so Christie became their sacrificial lamb. I think that he had several opportunities just like that and he just Christie who was 15 years old, in high school contributed to the conversation. To join us by phone, dial 1. People do things for personal gain. And it was during that time that she was approached by a man who described himself as a federal investigator named Coffin. As usual, Diane had resorted to the soothing comfort of a pregnancy to pretend life would get better; she would create a nest around her, come hell or high water. The tape is real and probably not admissible, but it seems to indicate that her testimony was coerced. James Frederickson, brother of Diane Downs, participates in a special radio program Thursday, details below or visit this page. A True Story of Passion and Murder. Even if I have no doubt that Hugi loved the kids, we have to wonder why he adopted them two years later just when little Christie started saying she had no clue who shot them. Dena lived in Las Vegas, but she tried something different. Diane, of her own admission, had plenty of affairs while she worked at the Post Office. It should have raised a red flag concerning her mental stability or the possibility that more people were involved. Look at the circumstances, the report was from the court, not what the judge said, but what the investigators found. Or the shootings were the doings of drug dealers and corrupt law enforcement officials. This made many people question Diane. Downs, who earned an associate's degree in general studies while imprisoned in Oregon, has also completed a book, "Best-Kept Secrets," scheduled for release this month by Danmark Publishing, of Springfield, Ore. I don't know about the vehicle. And you are a retired postmaster. So that is Fran Werta, the mother-in-law, his partner that you just mentioned. They both were Karate buddies, that is how they met. She went as far as to say that he knew her name when she got out of the car.

Fred hugi oregon

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  1. I'd really like to start with the first time I heard somebody say, they knew who did it.

  2. James Hanes had a nickname of 'Animal' and he proved it many times. Her demeanor was eerily flat as she began describing the story to a receptionist in the waiting area who quickly called the police.

  3. Why wasn't I given the right to adopt them or at least give their father, Steve Downs, the right to adopt them so we could visit with them? We had people in several cities that would have taken them, that were family members.

  4. Ruger ; described as the gun used by Diane and belonging to Steve Downs, was not the murder weapon.

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