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Yeah, that's right, the goofy space-jellyfish is basically a star-faring Paladin that wants to defeat Cthulhu , and just has to recruit adventurers for the job because it's still You have telepathy within 60 feet. Random Height and Weight[ edit ] Table: Even the worst of minds have a capacity for good. You must be conscious to use this trait and cannot telepathically communicate with multiple creatures at once.


You have telepathy within 60 feet. While they normally mate and reproduce on the world of their birth, flumphs occasionally engage in a ritual called the Seeding, in which seed pods are flung into outer space in order to provide other planets with guardians. In addition, you can perceive the content of any telepathic communication used within 60 feet of you, and you cannot be surprised by creatures with any form of telepathy. Neutral 7 Free Thinking. This spray functions like the Stench universal Monster ability, except it only affects creatures struck by the spray, which must make a DC 11 Fortitude save or be sickened for 5 rounds. Typical flumphs weigh 15 pounds and are 3 feet across. If you're wondering what the spikes are for, they're essentially spider-style fangs; the flumph feeds by dropping onto small creatures like rats, giant bugs, goblins and kobolds and impaling them on the spikes, which secrete powerful acidic venom and digestive juices into the victim. A Creature that grapples or swallows the flumph takes this acid Damage automatically every round it maintains this contact with a living flumph. The flumph is immune to any effect that would sense its emotions or read its thoughts, as well as all divination spells. Alternatively, the flumph can concentrate the spray on a single target within 5 feet. Their only official 3. Flumph Names[ edit ] Flumphs don't normally bother with names as they communicate through their thoughts with one another but when talking with members of other races they will adopt a name based on the race of the creature for their convenience. Almost all flumphs are lawful good, however, there are some who might follow more chaotic or evil paths, influenced by the minds they've fed on. Inquiry and curiosity are the pillars of progress. Your size is Small. Likewise, they were left out of 4e entirely, save for an April Fool's themed adventure released online, perhaps in part because 4e was quite firm on the design mandate that "if it's Good aligned, it shouldn't really be in the Monster Manual; those books should be full of creatures you can realistically expect to battle", which is why Metallic Dragons were reinvented as Unaligned for that edition. On an odd result, the flumph lands upside-down and is incapacitated. Although flumphs reach physical maturity at about the same age as humans, the flumph understanding of adulthood goes beyond physical growth to encompass worldly knowledge. Source available on Github. They also know full well the limitations of their fragile forms, and rather than directly opposing the horrors they seek to defeat, they prefer to recruit and advise heroes to tackle these dangerous tasks instead. At the end of each of your turns, you can make a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw, righting yourself and ending the incapacitated condition if you succeed. You require a full uninterrupted hour to do this and when complete you are considered to be fed for the next 24 hours, the affected creature is not aware of you doing this and receives no side effects of being siphoned off. You are immune to any effect that would sense your emotions or read your thoughts, as well as all divination spells. If the target is hit, it must make a DC 11 Fortitude save or become nauseated for 5 rounds; otherwise, it is sickened for 5 rounds. The coated creature is poisoned as long as the stench lasts, and other creatures are poisoned while with in 5 feet of the coated creature. You can't discern color in darkness , only shades of gray. Gentle at heart, flumphs understand that their appearance often terrifies viewers, and thus conceal themselves and observe neighboring settlements from afar, only revealing themselves when absolutely necessary.


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  1. The target can end the acid's effects by submerging the wound in Water For a round or by being treated with a DC 15 Heal Check.

  2. Typical flumphs weigh 15 pounds and are 3 feet across. Secondly, flumphs are Lawful Freaking Good aligned.

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