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In camp the Fitkicks also did very well with a few caveats. The elastic strap that runs over the top of the foot is a pretty neat way to make the lighter mesh material under it act more like a shoe as you walk without needing a heavier material. I wear heavy leather boots with lots of sock when I'm moving so I like to let my feet get air when I'm not. This is a firm and compressed foam that provides a little cushion, but also retains some water.


In camp the Fitkicks also did very well with a few caveats. Solid feeling sole protects the bottom of your feet while light minimalist upper keeps feet clean yet letting them breathe. Probably a great idea if you switch footwear at river crossings 7 months ago Mike Mineart I currently bring a pair of knockoff croc's for water crossings and camp. That meant I had to choose water crossing or camp comfort some days when I'd prefer to have both. I just wish I could use them as both in the same day heh. If you like the feeling of wearing almost nothing on your foot you are happy. Backpacking in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont throughout provided plenty of opportunities to employ the Fitkicks as water shoes. It just seemed to not dry very well after it got wet, so that hours later it would still give you a wet foot if you put them on in camp. This picture was taken with both heels inverted so we can see the insides. I really liked how they let feet breathe after a day on trail. Comfort and support really go together with these shoes for that reason. Toe protection was lacking and when walking through silted water that obscured the view it was either go slow or say "ow! These put most of the weight into the sole and would be hard pressed to cut anything else off. My croc's weigh a touch under 9 oz and I would like to find something lighter, and was hoping your Fitkicks would be an option, but they seem to be right around the same weight as my croc's. The shoe has great traction considering the simplicity. The sole is firm when flat, yet flexible enough to bend double easily. The lack of support from the uppers wasn't an issue in camp generally, but was when using the Fitkicks on water fetching expeditions. Looking at their water crossing use they did very well in most considerations. The early part of the year was quite wet and many crossings that might have been rock hops were too deep to cross even in Limmer Standards and Outdoor Research Crocs. They slip on super easy. This provides a solid, protective layer between the sole of the foot and the ground. I am pretty sure these shoes weren't intended to be used for prancing around the mountains and forests of New England, but they have worked out pretty well in the application I've forced upon them. The bottom sticks to most surfaces well. I stuffed them in my pack and pulled them on at water crossings, long breaks, or in camp. It did help speed up the process of learning to not do that I suppose. Not perfect, but maybe what you are looking for is how I'll wrap this up.


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  1. On slopes the lack of support from the upper could and did pose a challenge at times, especially when going downhill.

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