Feminisation erotica

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There's certainly no harm in taking things slowly if that's the case with your husband - so long as he's left with a positive impression throughout, he's sure to come over to the idea in the end. It may be nothing more than a nice pair of panties and a matching bra, or it may be something more sophisticated - the only necessity is that it catches your husband's eye, standing out from your usual more mundane attire. Admittedly, you may initially be slightly unsettled by your man adopting a less masculine role, an instinctive reaction to such a radical change of behaviour on his part, but this is merely another facet of the same man you've always loved. In order to appreciate the benefits of erotic feminization and lingerie discipline, it's your husband who must be persuaded to don such intimate attire for you rather than the other way around. Taking a longer term approach can work just as well in the end - after all, the final result is the same whether he hops into panties at the earliest opportunity, or takes a little more persuading before he'll wear a bra.

Feminisation erotica

Even the skimpiest of panties will restrain his erection to an extent, giving the impression of a tent pole, but a tighter, more feminine cut will pull his shaft back more, perhaps even holding it flat against his body. At the very least, you can be sure that whatever your adviser suggests will work wonders on your husband - that, after all, is the power of lingerie! Even if he's inwardly excited or aroused by the idea, he may not want to appear too enthusiastic for fear of giving you the wrong impression, perhaps concerned that he's misread your intentions, however obvious they may be. Sometimes a little erotic encouragement does the trick, perhaps offering him a special treat in exchange for humouring your little game. Admittedly, it emphasises the more feminine aspects of his personality, but these can be just as stimulating, intriguing and exciting as his more traditional, masculine side. Sitting on his chest with your rear practically in his face as you do this can drive your man wild. We'll be looking at how you can have your husband wear women's underwear in less intimate circumstances over the next couple of chapters, but you can also extend your foreplay by having him getting dressed up well in advance on the main event. It's like making an effort to choose the right kind of dress for going out in, for instance, one that accentuates your natural charms without drawing undue attention to those aspects of your body you may be less enamoured with. It may be nothing more than a nice pair of panties and a matching bra, or it may be something more sophisticated - the only necessity is that it catches your husband's eye, standing out from your usual more mundane attire. It's worth going a little upmarket simply to benefit from such a consultation - you may find you come away with a whole new perspective on underwear! Rest assured that there is nothing be alarmed about by such a sudden switch, however drastic the contrast may be. The intimacy of the bedroom offers the perfect setting for taking such first steps, especially when you've gone to the trouble of getting all dressed up in sexy underwear yourself. Lingerie doesn't have to be restricted to the bedroom, of course. Moreover, you can use the opportunity to remind him of the power of lingerie, spelling out its effects so that even if he wasn't consciously aware of them at the time, he's left in no doubt as to what wearing it for you means. Of course, rather than being alarmed or amused, many women find the sight of their husband wearing lingerie just too good to resist! Erotic Feminization In the previous chapter, we discussed the many benefits to be had from having your husband wear lingerie, both in and out of the bedroom. It may sound almost too good to be true, but innumerable other women are already enjoying all this and more, simply by adding a little lingerie to their man's wardrobe. His imagination is sure to do the rest, with the constant reminder that his lingerie offers guaranteeing that he'll be in the mood when the time is right - especially if you idly toy with it whilst snuggling together in front of the television. All that matters is that you both have a good time, and putting your husband in women's underwear is remarkably effective at doing just that. Even the most imperceptive of men can't help but notice when his wife's gone to some bother to dress up for him, and he's sure to appreciate the results - especially when her attire is deliberately designed to arouse! Going for gold If your naughty suggestions get your husband all hot and bothered, you may wish to simply seize the moment there and then, even if that means going as far as using your underwear as a temporary stand-in for something more appropriate. Such reassurance will soon put pay to any initial qualms he might have, reinforcing the erotic significance of your lingerie even though you're no longer the only one wearing it. Even he may be unaware of just how much fun you can have with his male breasts, and the more you play with them, the more sensitive they'll become. You can trace the outline of his bra with your nails over his back and chest, or run your fingers under its elastic before letting it snap back into place. For some men, this can happen in the same evening, such that you could have his new lingerie to hand before even mentioning the idea of playing games with it. It's vital to take the initiative here and not expect your husband to do anything more than lie back and allow you to dress him.

Feminisation erotica

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