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Unlike swipey apps , though, you won't be able to simply hoover your way through your available "pool". Tap into a profile and you can see additional photos, and answers to OkCupid-style questions like "What does your perfect day look like? Expect Facebook Dating to see a wider rollout some time in the near future. Those including limiting users to expressing interest in a maximum of people per day, and not allowing photos to be added to Facebook Dating messages.

Facebookdating com

This feature has likely be integrated to help stem the tide of the "well I didn't like you anyway" and worse messages unleashed on matches that don't respond to unwanted advances. When presented with a suggested match, you either indicate that you're not interested or, if you are, you have to choose a photo or question from that person's profile and send them a message related to it. But really, given what Facebook already knows about you, that seems more like a formality, or a tool to make it seem like Facebook doesn't already have everything it needs to know. You can see who has shown interest in you at any given time, even if you haven't tapped on their profile. Facebook created AI to read all the memes For Facebook, which has spent the better part of the last year encouraging users to make sure their time on the social network is "well spent" with more updates from friends and family , dating is the latest test of whether or not the company can add value to users' personal lives. Other options in the images seem to let you keep your normal Facebook profile and your dating Facebook profile separate. Unlike swipey apps , though, you won't be able to simply hoover your way through your available "pool". There are a few other Facebook-specific features: Your likes, the types of events you go to, the places you hang out, the circles you move in -- all of this intel will help glean better matches than apps that rely on looks, for example. And while there's little connection between your main Facebook profile and your Facebook Dating profile, bad behavior on Facebook Dating could get you suspended from all of Facebook. Why Colombia for an initial roll out, though? The screens we've seen suggest Facebook is going for a more mature and serious dating experience than something like Tinder , though really it's down to the users themselves. Do you like these movies? Initially, the dating features will only be available in Colombia, which, according to Facebook product manager Nathan Sharp, was chosen because online dating is already popular there and it has a "mix of rural and metropolitan areas. Here's how it works. The set-up for Facebook Dating is fairly straight-forward - the Dating tool will be included within a separate element of Facebook, so your regular connections won't know that you're using the app. Obviously, it's trying to stay relevant -- the news feed is old news, despite the company's attempts to turn it around with less promoted content. The feature is limited to text and emoji only — you can't exchange photos, links, or other media. Screenshots captured by Wong seem to show a sign up screen where you can set your gender and location, as well as specify the sorts of people you're interested in getting matched up with — all fairly standard for a dating app. Most importantly, though, you won't be able to see the recipient once you've sent your original message -- it's up to them if they want to reply. Instead, you simply tap on profiles of people you'd like to connect with, and you can only "express interest" in people a day ostensibly to discourage people who swipe right on everyone in hopes of maximizing their matches. But, there's another element at play — particularly pertinent in the face of increasing rates of online harassment -- and that's control. If love blooms, you can then go IRL with things. The matching part, where you can actually find dates, will come later once enough people have joined. Facebook requires you to acknowledge some aspect of the person's profile — either a photo or an answer to one of their questions — in order to send them a message.

Facebookdating com

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