Evcc online registration

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See more information about College in the High School getting started steps. You may register any time on or after your registration date and time. Waitlist How to Register Before registering, it is best to meet with an advisor and plan your schedule.

Evcc online registration

Apply for admission online at EverettCC. If you register May June 19, tuition is due within 5 business days. Some are based on income or program, so visit them and find out if you qualify for funding. A student is considered in current status if they are presently taking classes or have completed classes in at least one of the previous two quarters ex. The Worforce Funding office assists students in locating non-financial aid funding sources. If you apply by the quarterly priority deadline EverettCC. The main campus Testing Center is in Glacier Hall, , See back page for details. What if someone else is paying my tuition? August 2 Advising Week For th graders interested in taking classes at the college. Waitlists run automatically through the last business day before the quarter begins. If you change your mind about attending, you must drop your classes. Please note that currently we are experiencing high volume of applications. EvCC accepts applications for all quarters on a continual basis. Free chemistry and physics placement tests are also available. Some classes have different deadlines, and those will be listed in the class schedule listings. January 7 - March 22 Spring Quarter See description above, as well as the specific course listings for unique fees. Vocational college classes at the high school. May 29 Begin early open continuous registration for this term Monitor your waitlist status daily through My EvCC. We make registration easy! Do I get a refund? Field trips will help guide your research paper. Mandatory Advising Meet with a faculty advisor before registering for your third quarter.

Evcc online registration

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