Drawbacks of same sex marriage

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Those are accurate quotations from two of the more popular English translations of the Bible. Homosexual activity is a capital offense in the Bible: Over the years various researches has been conducted on the cons of same sex marriage to their children. Laws must always be viewed by the court from the perspective of the claimant.

Drawbacks of same sex marriage

Some of the countries that have legalized same-sex marriage are the Netherlands, Argentina, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil and just years ago, the United States. With the legalization, gay couples can now adopt children just as straight couples can. Hatred directed at the child's parents would spread to the child. These groups often don't consider possible negative effects that SSM may have on society. Before, two people who are cohabitating and in a homosexual relationship living as couples are not given the security of protecting what both have them earned and saved together. The essence of this argument is that because we have not allowed same-sex couples to marry in the past, that we should not allow them to marry in the future. In conclusion, same sex marriage is a public issue that needs to be looked into legally. Same sex marriage which constitutes an imbalance of what the definition and understanding of a marriage really is, also creates a biological, psychological and social problems for their children. Of further concern is research finding that in comparison to lesbian, gay and bisexual respondents living in areas where gay marriage was allowed, living in areas where it was banned was associated with significantly higher rates of: The authors concluded by urging other researchers to consider same-sex marriage as a public health issue. They said, in part, that same-sex marriage would introduce "a radical reform in the basic institution of marriage, jettisoning long-recognized cultural values and drastically redefining the fundamental structure of our society Author Andrew Sullivan wrote: Although it would be irresponsible to suggest the research is unanimous, the majority is either noncommittal unclear conclusions or demonstrates the benefits of same-sex marriage. Raising a child in a home with gay or lesbian parents in effect punishes the child, because they would be exposed to homophobia by the public. Increasingly they exist in every sense but the legal one. Some same-sex adult couples from Canada, the U. If two people of opposite genders can be married, then to be equal, a society must offer that ability to people of the same gender as well if their purpose is to form a long-term relationship. So, it would seem that being in a legally recognised same-sex marriage can at least partly overcome the substantial health disparity between heterosexual and lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons. List of Disadvantages of Gay Marriage 1. Laws must always be viewed by the court from the perspective of the claimant. It creates real equality from a government perspective. Opponents of gay marriage claim that making this marriage between homosexuals legal can bring problems in the future especially when children are involved. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, the more robust, rigorous and reliable information that is publicly available, the better. Photographers, bakers, florists, caterers, and many others have a completely new customer segment to target within their industry, giving them the chance to create many new local economic opportunities. From my perspective, these are the solutions to help children from same sex marriage in order for them not to be put at a disadvantage. Marriage equality is a subject which brings passionate arguments from both sides.

Drawbacks of same sex marriage

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  1. But few attempts have been made to dispassionately dissect the issue from an academic, science-based perspective.

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