Dr gail dines

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Liz has a proven track record in developing and delivering school and parent education in her role as Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project. Thanks in large part to the feminist movement, which worked to build public awareness about the multiple harms of DV, health professionals drawn from a number of areas of specialization now understand DV as an issue that requires both prevention and intervention. In , after serving as the Interim Director of a Mayoral initiative on after-school programming, Sam moved to Guatemala.

Dr gail dines

The same study found that porn consumers were less likely to intervene if they observed a sexual assault taking place. An accredited sexuality educator, speaker, and author, Liz is an exceptional communicator and passionate advocate for children and young people. Gail Dines is an internationally renowned scholar and activist, and is the author of Pornland: The Empirical Evidence Using a wide range of methodologies, researchers from a number of disciplines have shown that viewing pornography is associated with damaging outcomes. Liz is a regular contributor to media outlets, and delivers keynotes, student cohort presentations, parent workshops, and professional development internationally. Liz is Chair of the Australian non-profit eChildhood, mobilizing responses that reduce the harmful effects of pornography on children and young people. But just as the tobacco industry argued for decades that there was no proof of a connection between smoking and lung cancer, so too has the porn industry, with the help of a well-oiled public relations machine , denied the existence of empirical research on the impact of its products. About the Author Dr. For six years, she managed a popular blog called The Boomer Chronicles. Sam is thrilled to be part of the Culture Reframed team. Liz has a proven track record in developing and delivering school and parent education in her role as Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project. Dines is internationally acclaimed as the leading expert on how pornography shapes our identities, culture, and sexuality. Well connected internationally, Liz regularly provides consultancy to government, non-profit, and professional organizations. Previously, she worked for many years as marketing and social media manager for Emerson College in Boston. A recent meta-analysis of 22 studies between and from seven different countries concluded that pornography consumption is associated with an increased likelihood of committing acts of verbal or physical sexual aggression, regardless of age. Pornography, Sexuality and Relationships. We have now reached a similar tipping point with pornography. She has worked on campaigns to pass civil rights ordinances on pornography in cities nationwide, including Cambridge, Massachusetts. So, What Do We Do? In a study of U. How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality, has been translated into five languages and adapted into a documentary film. These objectives serve to guide the development of our curriculum, evaluation, implementation, and long-term strategic plans. As with DV, the problem of pornography requires a creative and collective effort by building coalitions and partnerships, which Dr. Cover image from Wheelock College. Extensive scientific research reveals that exposure to porn threatens the social, emotional and physical health of individuals, families and communities.

Dr gail dines

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  1. After returning from Guatemala several years later, she served as the Executive Director of Bikes Not Bombs, where she initiated and oversaw a major organizational turnaround. Dines is co-editor of the best-selling textbook Gender, Race and Class in Media.

  2. For six years, she managed a popular blog called The Boomer Chronicles. Dines is the founder and President of the organization is pioneering such a strategy to address porn as the public health crisis of the digital age.

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