Dating an insomniac

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No one's ultimate bedroom fantasy should be a pathetic, slumber-oriented solo venture. When I do have one, there is usually a good reason for it — I might be upset about something or have a big story to cover the following day. Why are we doing this anyway? My feet hurt when I walked, there was an ache in my back and I had a constant shivery feeling. It felt like torture.

Dating an insomniac

I go in with him for cuddling, because I want him to at least associate some positive thoughts with me and bed, and we both know what's coming. No, if you want to get involved in a serious relationship with an insomniac, you definitely have to have your own place. I never usually lose my temper and Natalie had been a colleague and friend for nearly 10 years, but I didn't care any more. Do you have really nice silk sheets and a set of ultra-luxurious memory foam pillows? To try to gauge the impact of sleeplessness, I spent my days waiting on tables in a busy cafe in Southside, Glasgow. Nor do I startle myself awake with the seeds of brilliance: Like, are you one of those people who drinks a cup of Sleepytime Tea before bed? I could think clearly, stand up straight and be part of the world again. My week living as an insomniac taught me that, for those who suffer from chronic sleep problems, the night is something to fear and the bedroom is a place of torment. I finally sat the fiance down and discussed it with him. I am also lucky enough to regard my bedroom as a peaceful place — a refuge. As soon as I get tired, I lose all ability to generate my own body heat. Sometimes they're accompanied by him asking sleepily, "You need anything, babe? What if he thought it meant I was subconsciously disgusted by him? As in closing your eyes, turning off your brain, allowing the worries of the day to melt into tiny, infinitesimal oil slicks on the calm sea of your beatific self-possession. Sometime during the next day. I start trying to wind myself down with Sleep Literature tricks — yoga, directed thinking, breathing exercises. My feet hurt when I walked, there was an ache in my back and I had a constant shivery feeling. Paul organised his working life around his sleeplessness — he would only do his invoices on a Tuesday morning, because he'd worked out that was the time in the week when he was most awake. My night life begins. Yeah, well, say goodbye to your comfy pajamas. This is literally a piece of furniture that is not made for adults. Because how well do you know this insomniac? This is my whole life, basically — certainly my life past puberty. We would have to buy children's beds and probably decoupage over the vinyl Buzz Lightyear decals with pages from Dwell. She used to be a good sleeper, she told me, but hadn't slept properly since their little girl was born a few years ago. Better kiss it goodbye.

Dating an insomniac

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