Can love avoidants fall in love

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You do not like to put all your eggs in one basket. You grew up too quickly. Usually your partner wishes you were more vulnerable. Sex becomes more of a bragging right, than an intimate act for you. You become nervous when a partner can get too close.

Can love avoidants fall in love

You find yourself relying on them when you are in trouble, but you have to remember how to save yourself without them. You have negative self-esteem, you constantly question why your partner is even with you. You are desperately desiring a connection with them, so you try to become them. Have you heard the phrase to get over someone, get under someone else? They fear you could never understand something outside your perfect bubble. You need to be constantly around your partner, to feel loved. They were either too absent or too available to the point of intrusive. Your parents were inconsistent with the response of your needs. You never knew what to expect. The chance of getting hurt scares you, more than anything. You come off as the toughest out of all the attachment styles, but you are the most afraid of love. You resent your parents and you desperately want to be everything they are not. You run in circles looking for something that was never there. Your parents may have been consistently unavailable, or dismissive towards you to the point where you feel rejected. Relationships are more about desire and validation for yourself. You are indecisive in your relationships, because you trust nothing. Sex becomes more of a bragging right, than an intimate act for you. Any kind of space, can make you feel unworthy. If your partner leaves you standing alone at a party where you know no one, you believe they have abandoned you. It can be difficult to open up to someone who has never lived a tragedy in their life. Your parents were available and responsive to your needs, you tend to mirror that behaviour with your own partner. There are 4 types of attachment styles. Secrets have been your method to survival, but you can only live that way for so long. The truth can set you free, but you are still too afraid of it. A long awaited text response can be the end of the world to you.

Can love avoidants fall in love

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