Body language clusters

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The contractor may look bewildered, but it is more likely to be a sincere expression if coupled with hands open at chest level, palms up, and slightly raised shoulders. It has also been called the achiever stance, related to the goal-directed person who is ready to tackle their objectives or is ready to take action on something. Most of us know that crossing arms over chest is a self-defensive or controlling action. The Head Shrug Raising the shoulders and pulling the head down between them lets a person protect the vulnerable neck and throat from injury. When it's used in a personal or business context it implies a submissive apology, which detracts from any encounter where you are trying to appear confident.

Body language clusters

So what would you do with a Straddler on a swivel chair? If we could read this person's mind, he would be saying things such as, 'I have all the answers', or 'Everything's under control', or even 'Maybe one day you'll be as smart as me'. The English have a peculiar greeting gesture called the Head Twist, which involves putting the head down while simultaneously twisting the head to one side. For example, is the coat open and pushed back on to the hips, or is it buttoned when the aggressive pose is taken? When you listen, put your hand on your chin and give it light strokes because, as previously stated, research shows that this encourages others to keep talking. The Head Tilt Tilting the head to the side is a submission signal because it exposes the throat and neck and makes the person look smaller and less threatening. When someone is trying to convince you, watch if they use the Head Shake gesture while saying they agree. Research conducted with people who were born deaf, dumb and blind shows that they also use this gesture to signify 'Yes', so it appears to be an inborn gesture of submission. The Lint-Picker usually looks down and away from others while performing this seemingly minor, irrelevant action. It's identical to the way different words create a meaningful sentence. The university studies found that none of these cues by itself foretold a lie, but together they transformed into a highly accurate signal of deception. How We Show We're Ready for Action To appear bigger for fighting or courting rituals, birds will fluff their feathers, fish can expand their body size by sucking in water and cats or dogs make their fur stand on end. Hands-on-Hips makes you look bigger and more noticeable because you take up more space. Not only is it important to understand the significance of these signals, it's vital to good communication that you eliminate any negative gestures from your own repertoire and practice using the things that will give you positive results. The cowboy stance - his fingers point at what he wants you to notice Also jokingly called the Man-of-the-Long-Thumbs gesture, the arms take the readiness position and the hands serve as central indicators, highlighting the genitals. You may be right. As it clearly appears, we cover vulnerable parts of upper body torso. And as long as you nod and stay silent with your hand on your chin in an Evaluation position, there's no pressure on you to speak and you won't come across like an interrogator. Your boss may cross his arms for any number of reasons, but when the gesture is coupled with a frown and shoulders that shift away from you, you now have a composite picture to reinforce your conclusion that he is resistant to your proposal. Conduct your conversation standing up and looking down on the Straddler, and move into his Personal Space. The Straddler is often discreet and can slip into the straddle position almost unnoticed. Sizing Up the Competition The next image shows two men sizing each other up, using the characteristic Hands-on-Hips gesture. However, when words appear in sentences or gestures come in clusters, their meaning becomes clearer. This chapter covers some of the most common head gestures and body language clusters you are likely to see in your day-to-day dealings with others. When you see an audience tilting their heads and leaning forward using hand-to-chin evaluation gestures, you're getting the point across.

Body language clusters

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  1. It can work against you only if you respond defensively. When they were with their superiors, however, the same managers were more likely to use submissive and subordinate gesture clusters.

  2. When someone is trying to convince you, watch if they use the Head Shake gesture while saying they agree. You can lean forward with palms up and say, 'I can see that you know about this.

  3. And as long as you nod and stay silent with your hand on your chin in an Evaluation position, there's no pressure on you to speak and you won't come across like an interrogator. It's a stunted form of bowing - the person symbolically goes to bow but stops short, resulting in a nod.

  4. It's the cluster used when a person hears a loud bang behind them or if they think something will fall on them.

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