Best way to clean chrome wheels

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Leave the wheel for a few minutes until all of the wax has dried. Clean, polished chrome wheels have a mirror finish that attracts attention. Choose a water based environmentally friendly! Always apply thin coats and allow drying time before you drive your vehicle.

Best way to clean chrome wheels

Which is why I was glad to discover a way to wash your car in an apartment without water! A lot of dirt and mud is kicked up in the wheel wells as the tires roll. You have to keep them clean and protected in order to maintain their shine. I had some Bar Keepers Friend on hand and thought I would see how well it worked to clean chrome rims on our car. Always apply thin coats and allow drying time before you drive your vehicle. First, wipe the chrome polish of your choice onto the wheel. Unless you are an expert, don't be tempted to use a polishing tool, the wax will go everywhere and you may scratch the chrome! Plastic chrome wheels or plastic chrome trim is not real chrome! Use the wheel brush or wheel woolie to clean the tight spots between spokes and around the wheel nuts. Think soft and gentle for wheels, strong and sturdy for wheel wells. Take care to get between spokes and wherever you can see pitting or black spots. Rinse wheels to remove loose dirt and brake dust. Do the same on all four wheels. Use a soft bristled wheel brush to agitate the wheel surface. When the wheel is done, buff using a soft cloth. Spray one wheel at a time with a chrome wheel cleaner. If you really want to go the whole hog and clean your wheels like a professional, then you need to get some Wheel Woolies Brushes. So I figured it could be great for to clean up chrome rims at home. The Speed Master Wheel Brush is a great choice because it can fit narrow or wide spaces and has a flexible stem. Use a Fire Hose Nozzle to deliver a strong stream of water. This is essential since scratches are noticeable on chrome. It all depends on the type of wheel, some wheels will need to be done by hand. These brushes are designed specifically for cleaning wheels without damaging them. In fact, shiny silicone tire dressings can attract dirt. Because you probably drive every day, more brake dust is constantly being made. Brake dust hides wherever it can.

Best way to clean chrome wheels

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