All about the opposite sex

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Show her that you notice her and are concerned about her feelings. See if you spot yourself in any of these descriptions. As a single, to look at other singles in terms of who can best fulfill your needs?

All about the opposite sex

Once it is understood, however, it brings tremendous clarity to the matter. This verse sends many people into fits of indignation. You can have unrealistic expectations of how that person should treat you and end up constantly disappointed. Show him that you value his opinions and appreciate his ideas. Try to have a few subjects to fall back on in case of an awkward silence. The selfishness that hurts those relationships can be knocked down to size if you step out and put a priority on building good, close friendships—if you commit to conquering those barriers created by selfishness whenever they crop up. If you criticize him or focus on his weaknesses, be assured that will break down the relationship. At the same time, God made the woman mentally, physically, emotionally and temperamentally to appreciate it when the man takes charge and is decisive and strong. Whether you are single or married, overcoming these obstacles will allow your relationships to blossom. The truth is that the Creator God designed men and women to be different! Why does it always have to be me? Western culture favors loud, boisterous women. Realize, too, how beautiful and attractive you are when you show inner charm, refinement and culture. He knows exactly what makes men and women tick. As a single, to look at other singles in terms of who can best fulfill your needs? The people around you should be some of the highest priorities in your life. Try to make him feel like royalty. But godly men love femininity, charm and grace. It will have far less frustration and friction. These manifestations of selfishness are friendship killers and marriage wreckers. We like to be the hero. Instead, focus on the positive. The tricky thing is, in many of those cases, we can feel justified in holding on to our selfishness. Women do admire you when you try to lead in conversation. You can so cling to a personal idea of what kind of mate would be best suited for you—maybe a certain physical ideal or personality trait—that you prematurely judge and reject someone, limiting a friendship.

All about the opposite sex

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  1. Show her that you notice her and are concerned about her feelings. Often, however, those differences create friction, sparks, even explosions.

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