Agreeing to disagree in relationships

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An advocate for mental health, you can follow Ms. Can you imagine a world that was full of exactly the same person, or a world where everyone agreed on the same thing? Her writings have appeared in various online and print publications. Tweet How often do you find yourself in an intense argument over a disagreement?

Agreeing to disagree in relationships

Being open-ended in the face of disagreement can teach us to be better listeners as well as more accepting of differences. Listen carefully, give empathy and positive responses, and overlook the insults. When viewed from this perspective, agreeing to disagree can be view as affirmative. When you take the time to listen to someone else not only are you getting to know them, but you are also getting to know yourself through your differences. All being well, these occasions will be enjoyable and bring great rewards, so make a dinner date, share a bath or go for a walk together and let the conversation flow. Cindy coaches people toward finding true happiness and life fulfillment, guiding them along their own unique path. Couples counseling encourages reaching an acceptance of one another through compassion and empathy, so you both come to truly understand the other person and become able to share your own feelings in depth. Retrieved on November 6, , from https: In fact, it can lead to discussion and better understanding of ourselves and others. It provides the opportunity to foster our own growth and develop a diversity of perspectives. Being aware of your style and that of your partner will help you resolve the situation. Can you imagine a world that was full of exactly the same person, or a world where everyone agreed on the same thing? No couple can agree on everything and irreconcilable differences do not mean you cannot continue to feel emotionally connected with another person. How boring would that be? Then you can see the underlying reasons for their criticism or silence, perhaps they are really feeling unloved, rejected or hurt. To learn more about Cindy go to www. This just goes to show me they have some insecurity issues rolling around inside of them. Good communication is about deepening your understanding of each other, not simply avoiding arguments. Experts suggest setting up reciprocal arrangements in which you both agree to take on an equal number of tasks and chores. In fact, research has shown that conflicts and disagreements can not only be healthy, they can result in better decisions in general and can strengthen and deepen relationships. There is also the possibility that you may discover something wonderful within their thoughts and opinions. This keeps things calmer and makes it easier to compromise, as your partner will not become so defensive. Secondly, remember the importance of intimate, non-sexual contact. Do you believe you know everything there is to know about your partner? Who would want to be in a relationship where they could not express themselves freely and openly without the fear of being criticized or condemned? Having awareness of these techniques and skills is only half the battle — you need to develop them through practice until they become second nature.

Agreeing to disagree in relationships

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  1. As the essence of relationships, communication has a great impact on every aspect of life. The benefits to being open-minded can be numerous, including better problem solving skills, better coping skills and reduced stress.

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